King Vapor VP102 Herbal Vaporizer

King Vapor VP102Made In China… that’s what you get when you buy a vaporizer from King Vapor. In other words, you get poor instructions and no manufacturer warranty… but it’s cheap! (It may come with a 30-day reseller warranty.)

Keep in mind that you’ll be inhaling heated gases through this thing, and Chinese-manufactured items have been known to have lead contamination. Another caveat: the digital display does not really show the temperature – it’s just a number assigned to the temperature control.

That being said, the VP102 does perform the vaporizing function that we know and love. It’s usually packaged with a variety of useful accessories – make sure you order it with a herb grinder. The VP102 also has a nice little drawer for storing your herb. It only takes about 2 minutes to heat up, so you’ll be up and running quickly.

Product Features

Includes Handcrafted Wood Case with drawer

Hands Free Glass on Glass Whip

Uses Ceramic electrofusion heating, US standard 110V

LED Display, Push Button to Adjust Temperature

5 replacement screen included),

Free 3pc Herb Grinder ($14.99 Retail)

User Reviews

Users that were not discriminating found the VP102 to do exactly what it advertises. One positive review said, “The drawer is nice for keeping your herb in there, but the grinder will not fit in the drawer. I put some herb in the whip and set it at 350. It was such a smooth smoke without the smoke. This is the only way to smoke herb.”

However, other users were quite distrustful of this unit. “I decided that I didn’t really trust something made by the Chinese (I’ve read too many warnings about these containing lead in the heating element)… For a few dollars more, you can have a badass vaporizer with a far superior warranty.” If you’re not deterred by this review you can check out Amazon: VP102.


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